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Polish your skin's self-reliance
Confident to "my natural skin"

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If your bare skin is more beautiful

It will be happier to see the mirror every morning.

At the beginning of the day, there are more little happy moments.


We want to help achieving this small but important happiness.


That's why Resetica was born.

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To enhance the self-reliance of the skin and lead to beautiful skin
All products in the Resetica series contain Centella asiatica-derived extract and plant stem cell extract.

Moreover, we have achieved both moisturizing power and a non-greasy and comfortable feeling by using our unique technology that does not use surfactants.



All Resetica cosmetics are manufactured in ISO9001 certified factories under strict quality control standards in accordance with cosmetics GMP (ISO22716).

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24 hours, Anytime, Anywhere
Your Skin and Beauty are being protected

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A new day begins.

Moisture with Water Gel and Mist Lotion;

A moisturizing veil of cream and UV essence protects your skin from dryness and UV rays.

Use only on Eye and Lip around when the day is humid.

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When you are working hard, the moisturizing veil will protect it.

Resetica mist lotion moisturizes and keeps skin moisturized,

UV essence protects skin from both UV rays and dryness.

When it is hard to use the spray at the train etc, spray it on your palm and finger press to apply.


It can be easily removed with shampoo or body soap, so it is recommended to use it on your ears and neck!

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Finish your day and apply Skin care products before sleep is the most important time to polish your skin.

Moisture your tired skin with Gel and Lotion;

Apply Cream for keeping it good.

It connects to the firm and glossy skin the next morning.


Just before going to bed, put cream again on the point where you are worried about dryness ◎

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