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KAIZEN all technical problems 

"KAIZEN" in Japanese mean Improvement.

We are a Japanese-based company, aims to send experienced and professional Japanese technicians overseas for KAIZEN factories's products quality, increase productivity, improve safety environment and 5S.

Currently, most of our Japanese technicians are well-experienced in technical supporting of Car parts manufacturing.


Analysis the root cause of defective products for improvement and control.

Provide true solutions to problem.



Review and Organize optimal workflow, production line and plant layout etc.

Advise  new technology and equipment.

Improvement of factory safety

In Japan, it's 

Safety first, Quality the 2nd, Productivity the 3rd.

Safety is the most important factor to operating factory.

Improve 5S

5S is the most significant checking point of car manufacturing industry.

Through KAIZEN 5S, the chance of having defective items will be the least.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.33.32.png




Strengths of 

Our Team

KAIZEN does not charge basic contract fee compared with other big-name companies. 

Specialists from KAIZEN are retired person (60s) who have managerial and technological experiences in overseas technical assistance during their career.

Cost per day could be controlled 30% cheaper than current market price.

We also provide Continuous Support as an option from Japan, Including TV meeting, Email response, Making Draft of varies of Jigs.

Please feel free to contact us for every of your needs.

I smile from heart when I see the factory could do it without me.


64 years old

KAIZEN Specialist


SUZUKI Thailand - Seat Plant Manager

SNIC Japan - Production Engineering General Manager

Years of Experiences of Supervising Indonesia SUZUKI, Pakistan SUZUKI,

India SUZUKI and its affiliated companies

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