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What kind of payment do you accept?

・For order below ¥100,000 - Paypal or Credit Card with 3% extra transaction fee of the total amount ・ - no transaction fee ・International T/T - No transaction fee for order over ¥1,000,000, otherwise, ¥5,000 for receiving the fund. Please note that we can only accept Paypal/Credit payment for the payment less than 100,000JPY. For Hong Kong market, we accept local Bank transfer. *For Bank Transfer, We recommend to use (formerly known as TransferWise) which has good exchange rate.

Can I pay by Western Union/ Moneygram?

Yes, but that will be sent to our bank instead of Western Union account. Currently we do not have Western Union account.
Buyer will be responsible for both side of bank charges. We recommend to use which also has similar practise.

Can I pay after received the products?

Unfortunately we only accept 100%Pre-paid. According to country's regulation, we will arrange L/C as per request. And the L/C fee will be bear by the buyer. Please contact us directly if the transaction is expected to be larger than 1 million yen.

Is the custom tax included in the payment? Where do we pay the custom tax at?

No, since the custom tax will be collected at the customs and the amount of money required differs by each country, it is not included in our quotation. Please contact the custom office of your country for when and how to pay the custom tax.


Is that all you have are shown on the platform?

Definitely Not. We provide fast sourcing and professional services. Let us know what you are looking for Japanese products. We are always capable to give you the quotation for your consideration.

Can you help me to source what I want from Japan?

Omakase!(Yes) That's our main business. We deal with companies from worldwide and providing what they want from Japan. Just simply message or email us. We response to every single inquiry.

I'm not running a business but I want to buy your product.

Omakase! (Yes). As long as you reach the minimum purchase that stated on each product. However, Please noticed that Omakase is a BtoB (wholesale) Platform. Some of the products come with selling route restriction. Please message or email us for instant checking. ;)

Can you get the wholesale price from big brand like Seiko/ Nike Japan/ Toto?

We are able to source but it will be parallel importation without official guarantee from maker. If the product is for Japan market only, the price we can provide will probably more expensive than retail price.

Skincare product expiry date

Manufactured date is not usually found on Japanese skincaer products. Under Japanese law, expiry date is a “must” description for Food but not for Skincare products if it can last more than 3 years.

There is no shelf life in Japan skin care products as long as the makers have passed the inspection to prove that the products last longer than 3 years.

Product Manufacture Code

If you'd like to check the Product Manufacture Code,

In most cases, We can only advise the Product Manufacture Code after we purchased the goods. Please contact us for more details.

If you have already got the product on hand, you can check from .

We do not bear any responsibility of the result from above website.

How to use

What is Omakase?

Omakase is a Japanese company that supporting SME companies in Japan for their overseas business. We aware that most of the SME cannot afford to hire English-speaking staff to explore their overseas market. We provide fixed price service and only chargable when there is an order. With regular orders in a stable pace in future, those SME companies will hire their own staff and graduated from Omakase. Please support these SME companies with fantastic products. We are a Japanese registered company based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. We provide the products you want from Japan and export them worldwide in the most efficient way. Our team are professional in world trade and fluent in English. Most important is we react fast. Forget about the headache you have while communicating with Japanese companies. Omakase!

Can you ship if I don't have a company?

Omakase! (Yes). As long as you reach the minimum purchase that stated on each product. However, Please noticed that Omakase is a BtoB (wholesale) Platform. Some of the products come with selling route restriction. Please message or email us for instant checking. ;)

Is there a minimum quantity(MOQ) or expense(MOP) for an order?

Yes. The minimum order is 10 units per SKU. If your total order is over ¥25,000, you can customize to lower quantity of some SKU as low as 3 each but the price might be higher in some cases.

How should I proceed to a customised order?

If your total order is over ¥25,000, you can customize to lower quantity as low as 3 units of some SKU but the price might be higher in some cases. When you choose to customize your order, Leave message of the quantity of the specific products when you check out. Choose "Manual payment" then you don't have to pay. We will send you quotation back for further consideration. Please note the unit price might be higher in some cases if you purchase less than the MOQ shown.

How to order?

The price shown on the website are all in Wholesale Price. You can simply add the products into the cart and check out your order by choosing your country and the shipping method. Please note for order weight over 10kg, the shipping price is inaccurate. We will calculate the correct amount and inform you the final price. If you do not feel secure, just feel free to choose "Manual Payment" which you don't have to pay any cents to proceed the order.
We will send you the final quotation as soon as we can, which usually 1 business day. Please note we charge 3% extra handling fee for Manual Payment (Paypal/Credit card) if it is not paid by (Bank transfer). We suggest customer to proceed the payment directly for order less than ¥100,000JPY.

I want to know the entire process from order to delivery

Receiving Order.. You can order directly from our website or send us the list of products by mail or excel file. If you directly ordered and made payment on the web site (and when the total weight is less than 10kg), jump to "Order to the distributor". Quotation/Invoice...
We will provide you with a quotation and invoice. Payment... Payment can be made by Transferwise, Paypal or credit card. (Transferwise is highly recommended since we will not charge you handling fee(3% handling charge added for Paypal/credit card payment)). Order to the distributor... After the payment is confirmed we place the order to the respective distributor. (We don't have stocks on our hand) Shipping... Products are shipped Approximately within 7 business days.


How long does it take to delivery my order?

We gather your orders from different suppliers and group it into one single shipment. In that way, you save the most. Order can be shipped out within 1 week in the most cases. For the delivery period, it depnds on the shipping method you have chosen and the distance between your country to Japan. Please feel free to message or email us for instant response.

What kind of shipment method does Omakase provide?

We can provide any kind of shipment. From basic EMS/SAL/Airmail to Container frozen/dry LCL/FCL. We provide the best solutions as per your expectation of delivery. *Caution about cosmetic products We do use DHL and FeDex, but it is difficult to ship cosmetic products of major manufacturer since they requires us to provide Safety Data Sheet (SDS) upon exporting. Some of the products listed on the site are from the manufacturer we directly deal with and their SDS are available. Please contact Omakase JP for the detail.

Do you ship within Japan?

We only ship to warehouse where gathers the order that is going to ship overseas. It can be your friend's house but Omakase reserves the right of the final decision.

Does the shipment come with insurance?

You can choose to insure your parcels by adding insurance fee.
Please note that the amount of compensation depends on the price of the product declared on the shipping invoice.
For EMS (express mail service), please click the below link for the detail condition. For Sea/Air parcels, 400JPY for a parcels less than 20000JPY. From then, 50JPY will be added for every 20000JPY.

Could you ship via DHL or FedEx?

For Food and Lifestyle Goods, YES. For Skin Care products, Due to the use of Chemical, Japan customs requires Safety Data Sheet(SDS) for customs clearance. In most of the famous skin care brands, we are unable to get the SDS from the maker, i.e. It can't be shipped by DHL or Fedex. Only Japan Post Office is available. Some of the minor Skin Care brands, we can get the SDS from the maker, i.e. It can be shipped by DHL or FedEx. Please contact Omakase JP for the detail. And of course, if you can provide the SDS, we will be able to ship via DHL or FedEx.
And we have a better rate with Fedex.

Do you ship to my country?

For order less than 100kg and/or lower than ¥1,000,000JPY, we usually ship by Japan Post Office with tracking number. Due to COVID-19, there are limited services from Japan to worldwide. Please click below link to check if the Postal service is available to your country or not. If you find your country is not available from Japan Post Office, and You'd like to ship by Fedex/DHL, please check the FAQ of "Could you ship via DHL or Fedex" for detail. Please feel free to contact Omakase JP for further assitance.

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